VAT Registration South Africa

Professional VAT Registration and VAT Submissions in Roodepoort, Randburg, Sandton and Johannesburg. Just complete the easy online form below, and we will contact you asap.

VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is an indirect tax on goods and services in South Africa. Many South African businesses and companies require a VAT number for a contract or for procurement purposes. The current rate for VAT is 15%. Some goods and services are exempt from VAT.

VAT Registration is usually a complex, long and frustrating process, and we have therefor introduced our VAT Registration service.

As Tax Practitioners with SARS, we will present your case in person at SARS, and ensure that your VAT Registration is successful. We will prepare all your documentation correctly and we will have a 45 minute meeting with SARS to get your Business registered for VAT.  Your VAT registration will be completed within only 2 weeks.


What are the requirements to register for VAT through us?

It is mandatory for you to register for VAT if your income earned in any consecutive twelve month period exceeded R 1 million. The same also applies if your income earned is likely to exceed R1 million. (for example if you have a contract in writing stating that your turnover will be above R 1 million over the next 12 months, you should also register for VAT)

You can register your new Company for VAT voluntary, provided that: You can supply invoice(s) of R 50 000 or more OR provide invoices exceeding R 4300 per month for two consecutive months. If you are unsure, please contact us.


What documents will be required by us for our VAT Registration process?

Generally we will require the following documents from you in order to prepare your VAT application correctly:

  1. Your Company / CC Registration documents (we can assist)
  2. Copies of IDs of all Members / Directors
  3. Proof of Address of one Member / Director that acts as the Representative of the Business
  4. Proof of Address of the Company / CC
  5. Invoices that proofs that your income exceeds R 50 000, OR provide invoices exceeding R 4300 per month for two consecutive months.
  6. 3 month’s bank statements
  7. Letter from your Bank

We will review all documentation for the smaller details, and ensure that everything is correct for your VAT application. We will then have a 45 minute meeting with SARS, where we will present your case before them. Your VAT registration will be completed within only 1 week.

To start your VAT registration, please complete and submit the easy online form below.